Howth Middle Pier Extension

The collaborative project between Castworks Ltd and John Sisk and Son involves the expansion of Howth Middle Pier. This undertaking signifies a significant infrastructure development aimed at enhancing the pier’s capacity and functionality. The project’s focal point is the precise placement of rock armour to reinforce the pier’s structural integrity and safeguard it from erosion and natural forces.

To facilitate the intricate task of rock armour placement, advanced technology is being employed. Castworks Ltd is utilising a powerful 30-ton Volvo construction vehicle, a testament to modern engineering and innovation. This robust machinery serves as the workhorse for the operation, capable of handling substantial loads and manoeuvring effectively in challenging construction environments.

What truly sets this project apart is the integration of the Leica MC1 – 3D machine control system. This cutting-edge technology is a game-changer in construction and earthworks projects. The Leica MC1 provides a high level of precision and efficiency by utilising three-dimensional data and advanced positioning techniques. It allows for real-time monitoring and adjustment of the machinery’s movements, ensuring that the rock armour is precisely placed according to the project’s specifications.

As a result of this collaboration between Castworks Ltd and John Sisk and Son, the Howth Middle Pier Extension project is poised to deliver a fortified and durable pier structure. The integration of technology, machinery, and expertise showcases a forward-looking approach to construction, highlighting the potential of modern engineering to transform and elevate infrastructure projects to new heights of excellence.